Party poker not adding to poker rooms

    • elvi5
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      Hi everybody!
      as i was already signed up with party poker i registered for pacific poker.
      when i wanted to add party poker to my poker rooms it didn't work. it says in the status the case is sensitive.
      what is there to be done?
      also pacific poker keeps crashing when i want to login with my account name.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello elvi5,

      It looks like you already entered your Party account in the profile - although if you did not create it with our bonus codes - it does not really matter - since you can only collect points at poker rooms at which you registered with our bonus codes.

      I would suggest you try to contact the Support on the matter of your software crashes. I know the software is quite iffy and has crashed on my PC as well - especially if I currently have another poker room open. It usually starts without problems if no other poker rooms are opened though.

      Best regards