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Your tips on getting started at Titan Poker

    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Dear Titan Poker players,

      even as an experienced player one can run into all kinds of problems when first trying a new poker room.

      Its twice as hard when one is actually still a newcomer to poker and has perhaps just learned the rules and basic strategies.

      This is why we want to use this thread to collect tips for new players. What kind of problems did you have when registering your account at Titan Poker and how did you solve them? What should one pay special attention to at Titan Poker, what is worth doing, what is especially recommendable and what should be avoided?

      We hope for an active discussion and are awaiting your experiences.

      Thank you and good luck
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    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Titan poker -

      The good:

      • Excellent rewards system, especially for low limit / volume players
      • Fantastic new player freerolls
      • Titan support is quite responsive and happy to answer stupid questions
      • Clean, responsive client that doesnt chew too much CPU
      • Supported by Elephant
      • Occasional reload bonuses
      • Occasional random extra bonuses for VIP members

      The bad:

      • Support can tend towards sheer harassment at times when pushing "special offers" on you, but the same is true at many poker sites
      • iPoker software - fixed size tables that are either too big to play more than 4 per 24" widescreen or too small to follow properly

      The downright ugly:

      The dreaded TITAN POPUP. Cannot be disabled and interupts hands. Has the potential to time you out of a crucial pot and cost you ALOT of chips.

      Do - enjoy the excellent VIP system, with a points-money conversion that is alot better than most other ipoker sites.. for example, it is around 3x better value than Mansion's for low volume players.

      Do - make sure to play in the awesome Titan-only new player freerolls! About half of all players who register dont even turn up. One tournament I saw a sit-out AFK player finish ITM! Its hard to bust when half of a 10 player table is on sit-out and just donating their blinds to your stack...

      Do - make sure to play in the Pokerstrategy Titan freerolls :)

      Do - talk to support before you make a first deposit if you got your $50 pokerstrategy starting capital on this platform. From memory (this could be very, very wrong - im basing it on discussions I had with Titan support at the time) you arnt actually automatically entitled to a bonus for your first deposit if you got PS starting capital here, but support will give you one if you talk to them first.

      Dont - expect not to rage about the TITAN POPUP interupting a hand, especially while facing a couple of tough decisions while playing 7 tables. The popup can and will cost you money at some point and is easily the biggest reason not to play at Titan.

      Dont - use the side casino. Side casinos are evil. Side casinos are tilt.
    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      ^^ Thread closed IMO. :s_cool:

      Nice one Jaissica!
    • Jaissica
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 1,385
      Can a Titan regular confirm that the dreaded popup is no longer a popup, but instead a funny little box that appears at the top of each table you have open and doesnt need to be closed / goes away on its own?

      I played on Titan again for the first time in about 6 weeks, for 2 hours, and didnt get popup'd once. I did notice that silly little box-advert thing a few times though. It seemed to have the same pointless crap in it that the popups used to have.
    • cruizer
      Joined: 09.06.2009 Posts: 17
      I think they still have the popup. They've just added that annoying additional popup that appears on each open table as well.

      I elected to have my starting capital on Titan, but having experienced these popups, "support chats" (which is just another annoying means of promoting stuff I'm not interested in) and the table popups, I'll do my best to clear my bonus and get the heck away from Titan.
    • racenutalways
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 179
      SLOWWWWWWWWWW!!! Extremely slow, the software is slow and the players are even slower. 55 hands/hr is what I average as compared to UB's
      75+ hands.
      Pop-ups never went anywhere, still annoying, not as annoying as Party's. You mutlitable 12 tables you get 12 pop-ups. LOL. I don't mind the single pop-up that Titan has.
      What I don't like is the default cash tables set to "limit" I don't play limit, I like to open cash tables at the limit I play each time.
      No preferred seating
      Multi tabling more then 6 tables is difficult as they overlap themselves.

      A lot of taggs here at titan, easy to read, PF% averages about 14%. Compare that to UB's 29%, that's tight.
      Players stats seem to be very similar, 10% VPiP with PFR10%, or the the other spectrum, VPiP 30% PFR20%. NL5-NL20.

      Noone speaks bloody english. LOL!!!!