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    • dirtttttt
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      Please excuse me for opening a topic like this, but I have a question about the rake back.
      In the RB FAQ it states that "Overlay per player in tournaments in which FTP has to add up to reach the guaranteed prize pool."
      I don't understand what that means.
      If i want to play a 5FTP (or several) buy in tournament(5000$ guaranteed) how much of my rake back will be subtracted ?

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    • SoyCD
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      Hello dirtttttt,

      If you enter a guaranteed tournament it does not necessarily mean that money is subtracted from your rakeback - only if the guaranteed prize pool is not met. That means if its 5k guaranteed and people only buy-in for a total of $4,500 that Full Tilt needs to cover $500 of the entry fee. They compensate this by subtracting the $500 from rake produced by the entrants.

      But to clarify; the money is not directly subtracted from rake-back but - indirectly - since it is subtracted from your gross rake. That means for the above example with $500 being subtracted from rake --> $500 x 0.27 = $135

      $135 in rakeback would be lost as divided between the participants (not sure if its spread between all participants or only those that actually end up ITM though).

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