How to beat NL50 ?

    • imson0ob
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      Im having a hard time trying to beat nl50 using SSS so im wondering what kind of stats do u need to beat it . I know that stats doesnt mean everything but I just want an idea of somebody's stats who can beat it. Hope somebody can help me , thx :P
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    • wowadvisor
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      im playing NL50 also and its a lot tougher than nl25 (i just moved up a few days ago)

      but i find the F3 (fold to 3 bet) very handy ! if its over like 75% and their PFR is quite high you can take a lot of pots down preflop with marginal hands!

      steal tighter as people 3bet and call more often also!

      just my 2cents .. this is what i noticed in my few days at this limit :f_cool: