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    • thegrouse
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      Hi there readers,

      I'm a teen and im seriously considering playin cards online as a job for a year till university. i'm just a little curious what actual professionals make on average monthly, the kind of hours they put in and generally what it takes to do this as a profession. If it's not too personal and you don't mind sharing I'd like to hear from you...

      thanks in advance.
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    • Zheelvern
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      Depends on many factors:
      -playing style
      -win rate
      -table selection
      -hours of play
      -# of tables
      -self control
      - ...
    • Jdz
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      +1 to Zheelvern
    • eszibit
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      c'mon guys,give some examples. I personnaly play nL50 BSS SH/FR atm , almost always at night to get many fishes ,3-4 days /week , 4-5h/day.This can get you with rakeback depending on how good you play and how you are running that month from 500e-1000e.If u mixed up with some MTT (i got 2nd place and got 800$~600e) you can make a little extra :) .Hope it helps.
    • swissmoumout
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      Don't consider you can make a living out of poker, even if just for a year, without hard evidence to prove it. No "well, I'm winning at (...) I can probably beat a few higher limits if I put in some work". If you haven't done it, don't think you can.
      Poker is much harder than it looks, especially to winning micro/small stakes players.

      Actually, I have something else to suggest... why don't you go to university for a year, see how it is? You'll have all that extra time to learn poker while you're not studying/drinking, then you'll really know if it's worth taking a year for :)
    • amea
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      I've been without a job and playing poker for the last 6months whilst finishing my degree. SnG grinding ($6) and MTTs ($5-$40).
      Been able to cash out a few hundred every week or so, whilst this prevents bankroll from growing quickly. Its enough for beer and food. With uni as #1 priority, I play poker when i have time and ave. about 20hours a week. It's not hard to be at uni and play poker at the same time. I would suggest giving uni and poker a go at the same time, because playing poker everyday becomes very draining fast and quickly forget to improve your game.
      Before going full time I would definitely want to be confident that I could win at the Mid Stakes comfortably.
    • Dragar
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      Yeah Uni and Poker goes hand in hand.... best combo :)