A new tourist...

    • Sczcepanik
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      Hey guys, as you can clearly see in my signature...

      Im from Brazil, and I participate in the Portuguese Poker Strategy forum.

      During these months, I acquired lot of knowledge about Poker and Im kinda of "volunteer supporter" to new users with common questions at Full Tilt software.

      I just hope that I can improve and keep practicing my english writing and reading skills over here, while of course, helping some players. :f_grin:

      Well, if tourists are allowed, I will enjoy a nice time at this english board! :f_cool:

      Thanks and cya!
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi Sczcepanik,

      Welcome to the English Forums!

      Its nice to see you over here and contributing to our growing community. I think its fair to say that your English skills are very good, probably better than mine :)

      So hope to see you around,