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Goals in poker. Is money everything?

    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      Coming back to poker after a short break im finding it hard to figure out where to go to next. The last time I was playing I had a nice roll and was playing stakes that I thought were fun and challenging but still winning at a good rate (5/1, 1/2 LH).

      I now come back to poker with a very small roll ($47) and have been trying hard to play with full focus to win and get back to my normal limits as quickly as possible. Problem is that at my current limits (5c10c, 10c20c) i'm finding it very hard to get alot of time into the game.

      I used to play poker primarily for fun, now it seems to get the fun in my game actual amounts of money need to be risked for me to want to spend any time on it.

      Theres a part of me thinking this is a total waste of time on my part when my hourly rate at my old stakes would be far better, but another side of me thinks if I want to withstand high variance or be able to play without scared money at later limits I must keep on playing.

      Another thing i should mention is depositing. Other than the fact I dont actually have the money to re-deposit morally i never want to put any of my own money into gambling to make sure it doesnt spiral out of control if i were become a losing player.

      I would like to know what are your views on your bankroll and how much does moving in stakes affect you and possibly your game?
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    • luitzen
      Joined: 03.04.2009 Posts: 664
      I agree that it may be very boring to play these limits, especially if you're used to higher limits. Still, patience is the keyword, I think.
    • whateverdude
      Joined: 01.02.2009 Posts: 232
      Since your opponents at the limits your BR allows you to play are so terrible that you can't improve your skill in any way against them, focus in your multitabling skills, this way there will be something to work on in your game + you will increase your hourly winrate.
    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      If your a winning player there is nothing wrong with depositing money to play the stakes your used to.

      I guess you withdrew so you can't play them anymore atm, meaning putting the money back on is still your poker BR and not money from somewhere else.
    • excelgeo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,107
      nothing wrong in making a deposit.


      you should always know that money is not everything. but it will be ultimate long term indication on how well you are playing.

      but people are just happy to play poker, different people have different motives.
    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      If you don't wanna make a deposit then why not set a challenge for yourself like grinding up to a certain roll using aggressive BRM, esp if it's limits you have beaten before...
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      well I ended up taking a very agressive approach in bankroll with 5bi for hu sngs starting with the $5 regular speed

      In 1 day i was up to $250 and decided to go for nl50 hu.

      This went extremely well and I heatered my way to 4k in the space of 2 weeks. I tried a few hundred hands at nl100 hu before deciding to cash out $2k as im starting uni in a few weeks.

      From the moment i cashed out i hit a brick wall in terms of playing losing over $1k in just a few days on nl50...

      I then decided on purchasing HEM and a database for some FLSH play starting on .1/$2.

      I have to admit when playing LH before i never had a swing of over 50BB and i always wondered if peoples play were being compromised to get such large swings.

      After Having a week long session of losing i went from $1/2 --> $.5/1 and now with a roll of $160 im almost back at were I started.

      Only at the very last sessions at $.5/1 do i think my play might have been less than A game but there we go.

      If some1 told me i would have made $2k since my post a month or 2 ago i would be quite happy but i wouldnt have expected it under these circumstances.

      Swings and roundabouts I guess....

      soo what next?

      I think im going to take a small break (few days) in which time i am going to fully read through (not browse) the mathematics of poker before coming back to with an outlook that literally anything can happen in the short term.
    • michaelqian
      Joined: 02.05.2009 Posts: 512
      What happened to BRM?

      Playing 5/10c and 10/20c with a $47 BRM is suicidal.
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      was limit holdem i was talking about
    • opal99
      Joined: 05.02.2008 Posts: 8,270
      Originally posted by jmackenzie
      i always wondered if peoples play were being compromised to get such large swings.
      lol; be prepared for 100BB/day swings and few weeks of slightly losing sessions in row. +/- 200 BB swings in FL FR are just normal (probably 1/2 and higher) and +/- 300 BB in SH are standard as well. It's nice you didn't experience any of these, but don't underestimate them and stick to BRM.

      In fact, you said you used to play 0.5/1 & 1/2 before, so technically you've reach limit you didn't beat before (doesn't matter whether it was because of lack of skills or lack of time to beat it), so you should build BR on 0.5/1 and THEN move to 1/2 (obviously with $600 if it's FR). My advice: if you want to stick to FL, play/grind 0.5/1 until you reach your old limit and then start serious approach to game with sufficient BR and stuff.

      Good luck!