SB defence

    • Remoh
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      I searched for a chart which helps me to defend my SB if it got raised.
      Is there any chart out or have I to try on my own?

      I read in an article that I need 43% equity against the raiser and than have to adapt the range towards the BB.
      So, firstly, is this equity number right and how should I adapt the 3-betting range towards the BB?

      Are there any possible hands where I can coldcall out of the SB? I think not but I ask, so I can be sure...
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    • Blinzler
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      collection of pf charts

      in there is a 3-betting vs open raising chart chart ( the entry behind the / is for the SB)

      ok, little bit of math to see how we have to adapt to the BB's range:

      we pay 2,5sb and the pot already contains (1+0,5+2)sb+1sb which the raiser is going to call.
      Our pf odds are 4.5:2.5 or 1.8:1 which means we need an equity of approximately 36%.
      However, we are oop, BB might cap, the raiser might cap, so if we just assume the 36% are enough we are long term losing money.
      Thus the 43% equity look good, but bein a little bit tighter is probably also ok (45% maybe).
      Depending on how tight the BB is we raise more, if he is very loose we should probably raise less.
      About the cold calling hands. Normally dont coldcall against just a steal raise, as we encourage the BB to also play a large number of hands and play oop 3-handed very often (not good!). if there is a limper and then someone raises coldcalling with hands like KQs/QJs or PP is allright
    • wilm
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      Im playing Fullring .25/.50 atm and i heard that SB/BB defence can be used here to?

      Im still not getting this whole concept tbh. It would be nice if someone wrote a litle article or thread explaining this concept a litle bit better? I know i would benefit from it...and so do the others.

      It aint explained in detail at the Shorthanded article in the Silver section.