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    • purpleshoes21
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      bb/100 is big blinds/100.
      BB/100 is big bets/100. (double the big blind)
      Are you sure you mean big blinds?

      Anyways, in general, any rate higher than zero is good since it means that you are beating the game. I do not really know anything about SSS, but for BSS NL4, I know that the game can be beaten at a rate of 5BB/100 without too much difficulty. (This would be 10bb/100) I would not even be surprised for a player to have a rate of 10BB/100 on this limit.

      Another thing, bb/100 or BB/100 is a good way to know how well you are doing over many thousands of hands. As you can see from your own fluctuation, bb/100 or BB/100 is not really a reliable indicator of your level of play over a small sample size such as one week. (I assume you do not play a huge number of hands per week)
    • Volrath89
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      For SSS everything higher than 0.1bb/100 is ok, more than 2bb/100 is pretty good I think.

      For BSS I think 5bb/100 is normal, and more is good. Ofc at microlimits you can achieve more than 10bb/100 very easily.
    • shortfuse
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      i'm using elephant and it says big blinds per 100 so that's what i meant by bb/100

      yer you're right about hand sample size, just need to keep playing i'm at silver now woo!
    • xponentx
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      In general when you are talking about NL games, BB/100 refers to Big Blinds/100 (is also sometimes noted as ptBB/100).

      If you are talking about FL games, BB/100 refers to Big Bets/100 (2xBB/100).
    • RavForenzo
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      for 21,000 hands of SSS on NL25 this month mine is currently at 3.69 Big Blinds/100 hands

      and thats a steady rate upwards, profit around $130 to use as a gauge if you like. I'm sure there are plenty that can achieve a higher rate, but im happy with my progress this month.