Won Gigantic Pot

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      I had aces and 3 other people called my bet and all of them also called my conti bet...

      i was afraid i was beat. there were many :heart: on the flop.

      I play on partypoker and if u lose all ur money it sits u out and u have to top up your stack and wait for a whole orbit to play again...

      SO i topped up during the hand, thinking im beat sadly :f_frown:

      I --- won ---- 49 dollars! it was crazy! never won so much with shortstack strategy! i quadrupelt up?

      My question is... i topped up 10 ... during the hand... and the table maximum is > 50 < ... my 9 dollars diappeared in thin air? is it just added back to my account or does partypoker take it?

      (sorry for stupid question and long wall of text im still shocked lol :f_p: )
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