pp update?!

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    • ciRith
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      I heard something about the next 2 days (I heart it yesterday ^^)

      Edit: You mean the PPs? They will be usually updated on Thursday (is that correct? I mean tomorrow)
    • Mugge88
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      Yup they will be updated once a week if it run smoothly. They will probably be updated tomorrow and the points you had one the 11th will be shown.
    • matti2k
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      well .... still not updated
    • Stefan1000
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      I know that sucks.

      But actually please don't blame us for that.

      It is Party not providing us regular with the lists. But i hope the next update to arrive this week. At the moment our CEOs are discussing this issue with party.

      So i am still hoping that there will be one day when we get the updates regular.

      I am really sorry for that inconvenience and i really feel ashamed that we are not able to provide regular updates at the moment.

      Best regards,