to move up or not to move up?

    • RavForenzo
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      Hi guys, want some genuine helpful advice/feedback here.

      I'm 22,607 hands into my SSS attempt. (Bit of background, this now my 3rd go at SSS...first time i was naive, 2nd time i was doing alright, was +$60 but then blew it by playing other variations. So now im back for a dedictaed 3rd attempt which is going rather well upto now!)

      I deposited about £80 on stars, which was $141 ish, I played a little NL10, and then quickly upto NL25 which is where I am currently. I've now hit $310 for BR, its come at the end of a little upswing. But im confident and playing well.

      Should I remain at this level and build it up to around $400 (40 BI's for NL50) or go for it now, will 30 BI's be enough to tackle this limit? My worst run upto now on NL25 is around a 5 BI slope, so i'm worried that variance will take a hold of me at some point. OR is it naive to think that, i'm playing well, and no real downers as of nearly 25k hands is enough to suggest im just beating this level at a nice rate? my current bb/100 is 3.2 (my 310 BR is made up of a small portion $16 of BSS at NL5)

      So, in summary, to move up or stay where I am? How much difference is there at NL50, and do the regs tackle short stackers better than the players at NL25?

      oh and as an extra a few stats of my play:

      VP$IP / Raise PF / Aggression /

      7.2 / 5.6 / 3.1 /
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    • AussieIan
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      if you're not confident to move up, maybe you could just play some NL50 tables (ie. if your 4 tabling, play 3 NL25 and 1 NL50 etc)

      then you're not risking much extra buyin money, and you can see for yourself any differences in play
    • RavForenzo
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      i did try it a little, with less tables than normal, I played 650 hands, and up $19.50 so thats basically 2 BI's. So not bad, it's not too scary, just getting used to the money, it's great when you win, but the $10 losses sometimes seem rather huge!

      ive decided though, 30 BI's isn't comfortable enough for me at this level just yet, so ive dropped back down waiting til i have 40 for NL50 then gonna move up full time.

      Ive also taken to playing a bit of NL10 BSS, cus 25k hands of SSS has left me a little weary and in need of a change for a week or so!
    • TheBrood
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      I've seen plenty of bad shorties(and biggies) at NL50 for you to sink your teeth into. The road to poker stadom is too long for you to waste time on SSS NL25 imo.
      When I finally went up to NL50 it felt easier than NL20...

      Take some shots at NL50 on one table(plus your NL25) until you get a feeling for it.
    • elhh82
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      what kind of win rate are you getting at NL25?

      I think there is no harm moving up, but like you said, you could pad the BR a bit more and move up with 40stacks so you don't have to move don't so quickly.

      Personally i find you stats to be a bit too tight, but if you have a good win rate. by all means continue with the way you are playing.

      You could start thinking about opening up your ranges in the later positions as you move up the limits. By which i mean stealing. It is a really profitable play if you do it well. I'm assuming you don't steal much with those stats.

      Whatever you do, good luck! And don't repeat the old mistake of blowing your roll playing other strategies that you are not familiar with!