Missclick Ethics

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      Greetings All-

      Just looking for some opinion on if I was right or wrong in this situation.

      Was playing deep stack NL .10/.20, picked up AA in 2nd position on full ring table raised to 80 cent. The button, an extremely loose player who'd already put two beats on me that day, min-raised me to 1.60 In my steamy mood i decided to move in not wanting to play post flop out of position that could litteraly have any 2 cards. He went in to the tank and finally called me. He showed 22 and failed to improve so I won the pot.
      All was grand until he started typing in the chat box how he'd miss clicked on call and that i should give the money back.

      I told him no for the following reasons:

      1. He'd already cracked my JJ with a loose all-in call with 44 so i felt 22 were in his range
      2. If he called and won he'd never have mentioned the miss-click I'm quite sure.
      Course he got abusive and said he'd report and kill me blah blah blah
      Just wanted ta know do people think I was right in this situation or was swayed by the fact he'd put a few beats on me?

      Thanks in advance
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