reached $100

    • kourou
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      only playing HU SNG's on 888
      $1 at the beginning and then jumped to $5
      everything's going great at the moment
      I've had my share of badbeats and I sucked out a couple of times too :tongue:
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    • BogdanDin7
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      $5 HU with less than 100$ . I think you should really work on yout BRM.
    • lozz08
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      Its at this point that you NEED to stop and think. I too went down this path. Please do not make the mistakes I did. If you continue this way you WILL go broke because the temptation to move up even higher will soon get you. It then only takes a couple bad beats, a bit of tilt, and you're broke.

      My suggestion is this: Instead of playing $5 HU sng, try some 27 player $1 or $2 matches. These are VERY easy to beat for a backed player, and the prizes area almost as good as your HU matches. multitable maybe 4 at a time.
      This is just one of many better options for you.

      I might sound like a smart ass but I've been there mate and trust me, it gets real bad, real quick.

      If you couldnt be effed going own a limit, at least limit your sessions, set goals and stop-losses. Its good you're at $100 at this stage but dont make it all for nothing. I got up to around $150 first week, and I screwed it up. Just be careful anyways.

      Jesus, that went longer than expected...