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    • Shujee
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      Hello there, i'm from the italian community (Yeah, some of italians play poker decently ;>), i mainly play SnGs on FT, but i started playing on Pacific aswell after the Second Starting Capital.

      Moved up fast from 50$ to 850$, by HUNL and 6MAX NL (BR Management indeed), and today i've cleared my 100$ bonus added to the 50$ starting capital. Still dont like that you can't multitab a lot and other things, but easy profits made me play there.

      I'm still waiting for the 10% Rake i should receive this monday, as it arrived on the past 4 weeks, but it didn't came today. By the live chat support, they told me they're gonna email me back in 24/48h, so i guess i'll be done with that bonus by that.

      I asked aswell about an eventual first deposit bonus, and the lady told me that after i cleared the first 100$ bonus, i'm already elegible for the 75% bonus up to 300$ (Means depositing 400$ to get 300$ of bonus).

      The first deposit bonus should originally be 100% up to 400$, with 25% immediatly credited on the account, but due to the 50+100 starting capital, i'll just be able to get a 75% bonus up to 300$.

      She said that all i've to do is deposit 400$, and i'll get my 300$ (75% of the deposit) in 24h, cause i've already made enough points (Frequenty Points or whatever) to clear it.
      To withdraw the bonus, i just need to wager 600$, and i already did wager 5000$ in order to be able to withdraw the first 50$, so it doesn't sound that hard.

      Anyone that played enough on this room can confirm this?

      Thanks for help, and sorry for the semibad english :f_love: .
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    • Berzerger
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      Yeah, that's also something I'd like to have explained. The review page for Pacific says that we get the following:

      The up to $475 bonus is given in two steps:

      1. ~45% up to $175 instant bonus

      The bonus will be transferred to your account as soon as you have made the deposit. You need to deposit a minimum of $400 in order to claim the entire $175 instant bonus. Before you can cashout you need to have 20 times the amount of the bonus in turnover, which means if you have a bonus of $100 you need to have 20x$100=$2,000 in turnover to be able to cash it out. For the full $175 bonus you therefore need $3,500 in turnover.

      2. +75% up to $300 bonus

      Additionally you can receive another bonus of up to $300, so up to a total of $475. You will receive this bonus of 75% of your first deposit to PacificPoker as soon as you have collected 10 bonus points for every dollar of the bonus. So for a bonus of $300 you need a total of 10 x 300 = 3,000 bonus points. You have 30 days time to clear the additional bonus.
      So is point 1 outdated or do we lose 20% of promised instant bonus just because we received a free starting capital? ?(
    • PKSSebulba
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      I talked with support today and found that clearing additional bonus is sick


      I Deposit 300$

      75$ immediately bonus - Need to wager 20x75= 1500$ in 90 days
      225$ clearing bonus - 2250 Bonus Points to get (10BP for 1$)

      2BP = 1$ contributed rake

      That means I need to contribute 1125$ of rake in a month
      My Average on NL10 (following BRM) is 1$ rake / 100 hands = 112.5k hands to clear bonus

      And they only give u a bonus if u fully clear it


      Probably will deposit my 330$ I got just to get 75$ extra and to wager 5k$ to withdraw 50$ starting + clear 100$ no deposit bonus.


      Try NL20 and play approx 60K hands in 30days