Pacific Poker Mouse Wheel bet-sizer for y'all

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      I'm not really playing poker anymore nowadays, but I signed up for that Pacific Poker deal and am screwing around again a little bit there.

      But I can't stand it when I can't use my scroll wheel to increase/decrease the bet amount.
      There are some Pacific Poker betpot scripts out there, but none of them seem to work for me.
      I have just a little scripting knowledge, but decided to write my own script for this. Took me a long time for such a little script. That ahk language is not like the things I know, so i had to figure it all out from scratch. I didn't use the existings scripts because, well, I didn't understand them at the time I began :) .

      I wrote it only for my own use, but decided to put this up here for free because I downloaded these kinda things for free from other people.
      But if it doesn't work for you or want something changed/added, you're on your own unless you're willing to pay for it :D . If it doesn't work for some reason the solution is probably simple though. The script is clear and well commented, feel free to edit it.

      Download it here: Pacific_BetSizer_v0.2 (Direct download now)

      Notes about the script:

      - It's an ahk-script. You'll need to have AutoHotKey installed (google).
      - It's limited to changing the bet amount with the scroll wheel.
      - It was only written for Pacific No-Limit Hold'em cash-game tables and will probably not work in other games (like tournaments).
      - It could be it doesn't work in all view-modes. I think I tested it in the basic view but I can't access my settings without Pacific crashing.
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