Need a suggestion.

    • EdgarAronov
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      Hi, I need some kind of advice
      Got your 50$ capital and almost played thru the bonus, so heres the point.
      I'm having a real bad downswing or i just... suck, lol.
      Its that, my bankroll is now about 40$, sometimes i got near to 20$ and some times my bankroll was about 70$ but always droping down to 40$. Seems like i'm having some psychologycal block.

      Now i'm in dilemma, if i'll get the bonus cleared, should i take the cash out? just, it seems i can't control my bankroll. :s_frown:
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    • lozz08
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      Tell us a bit about how you play. Do you follow sss, or bss, do you follow brm. one thing that you might consider is the length of time your sessions go for. If you're playing too long it can be very bad. Try quitting sessions while you're ahead, sometimes you are destined in a session to either make a little bit, or lose a lot.
    • michaelqian
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      Are you following BRM? From your money swings it doesn't look like you are. If you are following BRM, at NL2, it's almost impossible to swing ~$30 up and down like this.
    • thebigheizung85
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      Try quitting sessions while you're ahead

      This is actually a common mistake... play as long as the table seems profitable or you have time to play. You need to feel good to play your best. If you always leave a table or end a session to create winning streaks and stay at the table while in a deep hole, you end up with a lot of small profits and some huge losses.

      there could be lots of reasons why you don't make it higher than $70 bankroll... it could be psychological that when you reach $70 you think 'i have the game figured out by now' and lose a bit of your game plan... it could also be that your sample size is simply too small and you have to play more hands to have an accurate idea whether you are a winning player

      on withdrawing the bonus i think you have an easy answer. if you need the money, take it... if you don't enjoy playing poker... take it.... if you are pretty certain you will never be a winning player ... take it... but if you feel you can improve your game (or are already at a stage that you are a winning player but it hasn't shown just yet) and you enjoy playing poker, leave it and try to play with solid BRM...

      + if you can manage to play to a higher level you get additional content which certainly will improve your game... so it might be worth trying
    • lozz08
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      Yeah I totally agree about playing when you feel good. You should always remember its a game, and as such, is really non profitable on many levels if you are not enjoying it. Sometimes you might notice you're less interested in the game, and have your eyes constantly dart to the cashier logo, in other words, you're thinking about money, not poker. I've always found that if I wait until I really am busting to play some poker, and not just thinking about making some money, I will do well.