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[NL20-NL50] Nl 50 Sh Ak

    • VytenisN
      Joined: 03.06.2009 Posts: 151
      Opponent 18/9/1.5/17/3bet:2/4Bet:8/ 342 hands

      Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from

      saw flop

      MP ($56.50)
      Hero (CO) ($52.40)
      Button ($91.60)
      SB ($74.90)
      BB ($56.15)
      UTG ($22.40)

      Preflop: Hero is CO with A, K
      UTG calls $0.50, MP bets $2.50, Hero raises to $8.50, 4 folds, MP raises to $18.50, Hero ??
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    • grummeler
      Joined: 28.05.2006 Posts: 2,237
      if we put him on a range like this:
      TT+, AQ+ we can go all in

      Text results appended to pokerstove.txt

      77,053,680 games 0.005 secs 15,410,736,000 games/sec


      equity win tie pots won pots tied
      Hand 0: 49.175% 38.86% 10.32% 29939770 7951130.50 { AcKh }
      Hand 1: 50.825% 40.51% 10.32% 31211649 7951130.50 { TT+, AQs+, AQo+ }

      in my opinion, on NL50 its never a mistake to go broke headsup preflop with AK with only 100 BB.
      only against rockyy players im thinking about calling / folding but against this player i go all in with AK he will sometimes fold, often show you JJ, AQs, QQ and because you take away one Ace and one King of the deck its more likely he has one of those hands then KK or AA
    • caltabiano
      Joined: 09.03.2007 Posts: 1,992
      I 3b it smaller IP. Just 3x the original raiser.

      vs. this nit, I think I prefer folding. I think the range you gave him is too loose, grummeler. Not everybody is going broke with that range. And this guy is really tight. I expect him to 4b QQ+, AK only.

      Moreover, this is just a standard MP vs CO. If it was blind steal, BvB or BU vs CO, we might think of loosening up a bit.

      When I'm the original raiser OOP, I'll always go broke with QQ+, AK. But when I'm the 3better, I tighten up vs some opponents.

      vs this guy, I'm only going with KK+ and maybe AKs
    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      I also 3bet smaller in position, $7.5 will do for me. For people who care to notice out there, it makes your bluffs cheaper.

      When that guy 4bet i think you're better off folding. It's possible that he sometimes has a worse hand, as a good player never has those 18/9 stats over 350 hands that's just calling way too much. Given that he's probably not aware of most metagame considerations unless he's just pissed of getting 3bet often, which means he likely isn't adjusting to ftp aggro games, which means until you know better by seeing a showdown with at least QQ in his 4betting range, save yourself the variance imo.

      Hope it helps.