[NL20-NL50] NL50 AK ip 3bet pot

    • Berzerger
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      So he raises 3bb from MP2, could be anything, but the interesting part is that he calls my 3bet. So now I have him on AQ+ and any pp.

      On the flop I place a standard c-bet, he calls and checks the turn. Now I have him on slowplayed set/overpair or small pp that didn't believe I had it on the flop. I doubt he has a flush draw because I have the ace of hearts, not too worried about the 9 either because there's not really a hand with a 9 that would raise/call3bet pre-flop.

      I check behind on the turn, and the river gives me TPTK. He checks again. I now know he doesn't have a set, AA or KK, otherwise he'd bet for value. My guess is that he has either a small pp that didn't improve or TT-QQ that got scared of the K. I bet half pot and hope to get a call, but he check-raises me all-in.

      I really didn't know what to make of this, but eventually called for the following reasons: I was committed, his play didn't make any sense with any hand that beats me, and finally a good player in his spot would probably never play this line without strong reads, which he didn't have on me. Still, I took all of my time before making the call, I was still afraid my hand was only second best. Any flaws in my reasoning?
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