What are the best times of the day to find big stacked players on the tables at NL10(Non-American site)?

What is the ideal big stack count on a table, I've been choosing tables with a minimum of 4 other big stacks, and 4 other small/mid stacks. I am currently on Party Poker, but I notice this trend on most sites, NL10 players not bringing full stacks to the table. This can be frustrating because I cannot get in decent sessions before a big stack leaves the table, which causes other big stacks follow.

This was the same when I started SSS at Full Tilt, I could only get in small sessions when the tables were good. After getting $150 BR I moved to Everest for a new bonus and played NL25 SSS, table selection was much better. At $350 BR I started playing NL10 BSS on Party, and table selection is once again poor.

I just browsed the tables a few minutes ago, and there was about 12 FR tables available at NL10 with 2 tables having 4 big stacks (I use the term big stack loosely ($8+)), then I browsed NL25 to see the difference, where about 80% of the tables are good (5/6 stacks $25 or more).

So until I can move up the limits what is the best time to be playing for the better tables? I assume SH games may have less short stacks, however I have only played a few thousand hands at BSS, and would prefer to continue FR.