SSS question(s)

    • ShyPh
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      Just read the pokerstrategy news and it said something about Alaton "pushing the sss to a new level". So what I'm wondering is:
      - What limit do u play?
      - What win rate do u achive playing the sss?

      Just curious =]
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    • random3
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      I'm not him, but I can at least tell you what he told us on his coaching. He usually plays up to NL1000 and filling up tables with lower limits, down to nl100 or so, because theres just not enough tables with higher limits.

      If you want to find out more about SSS and his play, I suggest you join one of his coachings where he answers all kinds of questions. ;)
    • Xirus
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      I tried some SSS to see whats possible with this strategy.

      Iam on NL25 with and profit of 4bb/100 over 15k Hands atm. Its pretty boring but if you play mass tables its ok.

      P.S Good profit is about 3-5bb/100 says the article.