Just received $2500 bank draft

    • andrewjd
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      It took 888.com (Pacific Poker) way too long to cashout my earnings. Today, I finally received a $2500 (US) bankdraft, which initially was a $50 bonus from this very site.

      Those new guys out there, anything can happen. Stick to your strategy and play smart. It never hurts to trust your gut once and awhile either.

      I remember when I first came on this site, a few guys gave me a hard time, saying I'd lose my bankroll long before I'd be able to cash out. Well, I certainly appreciate those comments, because they made me drive harder to acheive my goal. And that is this:

      I turned a free $50 into a real life check for $2500 which I can spend on anything I want. I was thinking booze and hookers. Any thoughts?
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