me QQing ^^

    • Alghul
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      Here is the ticket I just made 5 mins ago;
      Hi there,

      I'm writing to you right now because I did not receive the starting capital of 50$ yet and it's been more then 48h. I read somewhere on the website that I had to inform you if it was the case so here I am. I did not receive any email concerning my ID or a proof of residence so I was wondering if I had to do something? Is there another way for you to communicate with people that I could have missed? (e.g. tickets).

      That's about it

      Thanks for your time

      I figured I would have a faster answer if I would post on the forum is anyone know if I have to do nothing or if the only thing I have to do is wait?

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    • Monkeye
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      The only thing you could do is wait on on your bonus/response of the ticket.
      And 48 hours isn't that long there are people who wait much longer.
    • opal99
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      you won't get faster reply this way, because support folks are not members but employees who didn't read our forums

      just be patient :)
    • SoyCD
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      Hello Alghul,

      It looks like the money is already being transferred to your account. If you are lucky it should be there sometime today. If not you might have to wait till Monday since transfers are generally not processed over weekends.

      Best regards