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    • 40spoppin
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      Afternoon, I have a couple of questions I was hoping that some of you fellow full tilters could help me with.

      When I first joined FT I received rakeback, but for the last couple of weeks I haven't had any, is there a reason for this?
      I have changed to playing mainly sng's instead of cash, could that have stopped me getting rakeback?

      Secondly, in a tournament the other day ($3 super turbo) we were at heads up, and full tilt froze. By the time it came back on, I had been blinded out and finished second.
      I emailed full tilt, and they told me that It was my internet connection that caused the program to freeze. I don't think this is the case, but I was just wondering if any of you are having problems with full tilt freezing or is there anything I can do to prove it wasnt my fault.

      Any help you could give would be great!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi 40spoppin,

      Rakeback is automatically calculated so you don't need to worry about it. It's possible that because you have started to clear a bonus or played freerolls or something that your deductions have outnumbered your earned rake.

      For full details of things that are deducted from your net rake see this sticky post.

      In terms of the disconnections/freezes, this is relatively new to Full Tilt in my experience and follows a major software upgrade (previously a beta version) by Full Tilt. This is likely to be only temporary as FTP are resolving issues on an almost daily basis and quality is returning.
      There is however a difference between connection break at your end and at their server. I have experienced both and they will only pay out for complete breakdown at their end (which is understandable of course, but of course frustrating).

      Disconnections are generally rare and shouldn't detract from your overall experience, think of them like getting your Aces cracked.... it happens, just forget it and move on otherwise it will mentally drag you down.

      Good luck my friend, wishing you every success and enjoyment with your poker. Will try to avoid you whilst on full tilt :)