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[NL20-NL50] AJs NL20 SH

    • deltoos
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 1,493
      Seat 1: Haeee ( $34.64 )
      Seat 2: Endorio ( $15.34 )
      Button: Chibbe99 ( $44.88 )
      SB: iKnoWuRCaRD ( $23.92 )
      BB: omgZomgWtf ( $19.20 )
      Seat 6: bh72 ( $23.81 )
      iKnoWuRCaRD posts small blind [$0.10]
      omgZomgWtf posts big blind [$0.20]

      Preflop: omgZomgWtf is dealt J♦, A♦

      bh72 folds, Haeee calls $0.20, Endorio calls $0.20, Chibbe99 raises to $1.10, iKnoWuRCaRD folds, omgZomgWtf calls $0.90, Haeee calls $0.90, Endorio folds

      Flop: 6♥, A♠, 9♦

      2 checks, Chibbe99 bets $2.40, omgZomgWtf calls $2.40, Haeee folds

      Turn: Q♣

      1 checks, Chibbe99 bets $5.60, omgZomgWtf calls $5.60

      River: 6♦

      1 checks, Chibbe99 bets $12, omgZomgWtf calls all in $10.10, Returning uncalled bet $1.90 to Chibbe99

      Terribly played. How should I handle this one?
      - Is it ok to call oop, or maybe 3bet is better option? Maybe 3bet is better, because when I call Im playing basicaly fit or fold. However, 3bet would throw away all weaker hands.
      - should I raise flop, to find out whats going on?
      - I think I had a chance of giving up on turn, but river is an obligatory call, given my line so far. Am I right?
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    • MaestroOfZerg
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 5,510

      Hard to say without knowing anything about the players, if you think there is a decent chance you can get a multiway pot going because the limpers usually limp/call, i don't mind overcalling in that spot provided you understand that you're playing for more than a top pair 4-way.

      3betting would basically be a bluff unless the BU is loose enough to call with worse too, but it's not bad either because if he knows what he's doing he is isolating these guys very wide from the button, so you will get folds from him often with your A blocker.

      As played the flop is a mandatory check/call, no point in raising this is almost way ahead / way behind, either he has AQ+ or he's c-betting air.

      The turn is obviously where everything is decided, i think you can dump it unless you know that this player is very aggressive postflop, enough to be bluffing for 3 streets at this point. And most tags aren't really, even tho the Q turn is theoretically good for you (it makes him have AQ less likely), it should also make him afraid if he has AK because your hand looks like AQ.

      You will usually be wrong more often than you're right when you put people on a 2nd barrel bluff, he raised preflop over 2 limpers, c-bet an A-high board into 2 players one of them a fish, and continued to fire on the turn, give him credit and pitch it without better reads imo.

      Hope it helps.