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Moving up in limits, need advice (stats inside)

    • jenoc
      Joined: 06.04.2008 Posts: 510

      This "stats inside" thing in subject is for readers attraction :f_biggrin:

      I'm thinking about moving up to NL25 FR and need some advice.

      Two months ago I switched from SSS to BSS at that time I had a solid BR for NL25 BSS, but that was due to SSS grind. And there was no doubt, that I'm a BSS n00b- so I made my self a rule- play at least 20k hands @ NL10 FR try to improve my play, then see what happens and make conclusions and then move up to NL25 if possible. So now finally I've played those 20k hands and would love to post my stats and ask some questions:


      SD stats:
      1) Is my WTSD ok? Shouldn't it be a bit higher?
      2) And the same for W$SD, should it be lower a bit?


      1) Is my flop AF acceptable, am I overaggressive?
      2) Is river AF ok?

      Stealing and restealing:

      1) Are my stealing success stats ok? Overall steal success is 63% feels kinda low..
      2) Restealing stats don't look good, but as I have almost no sample size on villains at NL10, so I don't feel comfortable 3beting a unknown.


      1) AFAIK FlopCbet should be around 70-75% but I'm not sure why mine is higher, maybe its due to my nitty card range?

      Is my fold to 3bet ok? And I'm not sure about Sqz stat too, shouldn't it be a bit higher then my PF 3bet value? I guess its due to fact that I'm not comfortable with squeezing situations.

      And is there anything else ugly feel free to say it :f_love:

      Any suggestions, advice and discussions is very welcome

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