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Reaction to 3bet @ SH.

    • whateverdude
      Joined: 01.02.2009 Posts: 232
      From 9k hands @ SH so far I've got
      On 3bet Fold 46%
      On 3bet Raise 10%
      On 3bet Call 43%

      and I realize this is probably the biggest leak in my game.

      Aproximatley how should these numbers look ? Yes I know that there are many factors when making the decision how to react to a 3bet, the reason I am looking for those numbers is to evaluate exactly how big of a leak this has been so far.

      Basically, I am looking for a big winner over a big smaple to post his reaction to 3bet stats, or at least give me some guideline how these should look.
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    • Ka0s
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 722
      Sorry, no answer for you.

      But like you said, there are other factors.
      I think the 'correct' stats heavily depend on your other stats. Does the rest of the table think you are tight or loose, etc. Because this influences the credit they'll give you in 3bet pots big time! You can't isolate your 3bet pots from the rest of your play.
      So maybe also post some more stats like vpip/pfr etc?

      Sorry I couldn't help you.
    • Fongie
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 4,978
      It's true what Ka0s says, we can't say anything based on these numbers it depends heavily on your game. Most likely you can't be helped only by posting your stats, you must find these hands where you are unsure what to do and post them in the hand evaluation forums, or find a private coach (this will obviously help you with other things aswell). The first option is much cheaper but of course it involves more work on your own part ;)

      Stats are pretty overrated anyway, poker is situation dependant.. it's important what you do in which situation on which board against which opponent, not what you've done in this situation on average over 100k hands.