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    • mChavez
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      Hi all!

      Im totally new to stud and I have a few questions:

      1) Stud HI/Lo is like playing stud and razz in the same hand, right? =)

      2) IS it better then to learn to play these two games separately before attempting to play Hi/Lo?

      3)Are there any good books about stud apart from super system?
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    • schizoid
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      1) No, its not a mixture of stud H and razz, as you need cards below an 8 to make a low.
      2) Having some stud background would help in a way i guess, but it may also
      hurt, because there are some situations in stud8 to avoid, whereas in stud H you can correctly get involved (for example playing second-best hand or even reraising with it; in stud8 it would be suicidal, if there is at least one low hand around). Razz experience might also be helpful: you can better estimate where you stand on a low side and sometimes fold your rough hand if you're likely to be facing a better one. (Most incompetent players are totally tied to their low, once they've made it, no matter its quality and the action going on), or you can more easily identify profitable spots for jamming: lets suppose you are on 5th street with 4 cards to a five and a strong high draw as well, and you're against a high hand and a dry made low with 78 showing, you' re only slightly behind for a low half (here razz comes into play) and have an equity edge 3-way for a high half, these 2 things combined entitle you to ram'n'jam with impunity.
      3) David Sklansky, Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players
      Ray Zee High-Low Split Poker

      PS By the way, in the latter book you'll find some interesting observations on common leaks of stud and razz players who switch to stud8 from their main game.
    • mChavez
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      Thanks alot!

      I've strated to learn stud HI and sklansky's stud book is on its way.

      Any other good books to read about stud and razz? Don't think i'll be trying hi/lo soon.