Hey people,

I'm still very new to poker (especially sit N go) and I know nothing about stats. Example, I have Hold'em manager but I don't know nothing about what stats too look at. I just started (maybe 10 sit N go) so I know stats don't mean anything yet. But I was wondering anyway for later. So I have a few questions for the more experienced players.

1. Even when I lose (not in the money), my $EV won is positive. How can this be possible? I mean if I would repeat the same tourney again and again (not in the money) I would lose 1,25$ each time. Anyone can explain what this stats mean plz?

2. On the graph, I have a red line named 'Show Luck Adjusted Winning'. Does it take into consideration the hands I played or it's just my winnings minus some random %.

3. Is the ROI% stats the most important to look at? Because, in my opinion this stats is very results oriented and does not take into consideration if you played well or not. Is there an important stats I should check except that?

4. And the last one, is there a way to post my hands on the forum with holdem manager? I don't know nothing about poker softwares.

Anyway, thanks for your answers