bankroll question,

    • donkeymaster
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      Just question on Bankroll I know u meant to use 2% of your bank roll.

      I have started from $50 starting capital and now I am $100.

      And decide to move up to $2 SNG from $1.

      Just wondering from your experience If I start having lossing streak where should I drop back down to $1?

      should drop to $1 when my bankroll stop to $50? or should be in safe side and drop to $1 when my bankroll is like around $75?

      Thanks all
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    • TWJ
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      Correct me If I'm wrong. I ain't no expert. But I think for SNG its better to have 40 buy-ins so once your bankroll fall less than 40 buy-ins move down the limit.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello donkeymaster,

      Its a thing of preference really. The latest point at which you must drop back down is $50 since - although you could also drop down earlier. In general if you are using 50 buy-in BRM the critical point is when you hit 50 buy-ins of the next lower limit. Moving down too early, is never wrong, but could slow down your overall progress - since recovering your losses on the lower limits will of course take faster than recovering them at the higher limit.

      Best regards