[NL20-NL50] AKo NL20 SH

    • deltoos
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      Button: marios12345 ( $12.62 )
      SB: MrFancyPant ( $23.61 )
      BB: omgZomgWtf ( $22.42 )
      Seat 6: neverender8 ( $23.96 )
      MrFancyPant posts small blind [$0.10]
      omgZomgWtf posts big blind [$0.20]

      Preflop: omgZomgWtf is dealt K♦, A♣

      neverender8 folds, marios12345 calls $0.20, MrFancyPant calls $0.10, omgZomgWtf raises to $1, marios12345 calls $0.80, MrFancyPant calls $0.80

      Flop: J♠, K♣, 9♣

      1 checks, omgZomgWtf bets $2, marios12345 calls $2, MrFancyPant calls $2

      Turn: 5♣

      1 checks, omgZomgWtf bets $5, marios12345 calls $5, MrFancyPant raises all in $20.61, omgZomgWtf calls all in $14.42, marios12345 folds, Returning uncalled bet $1.19 to MrFancyPant

      I thought he had a flush, but decided to call due to my A high fd and huge pot. Is that play ok?
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      If you only put him on a flush and do the math you'll see that it's not, you need ~26% equity but only have ~15% with your redraw against a naked flush. Even if you add in sets you don't get what you need.

      You need to believe he can do that with something else like 2 pairs in order to call, especially with someone else behind you could also have the flush if the guy already all-in doesn't.

      Without a read that this guy can be spazzy at times I'd fold it, this looks like a textbook flush after he check/overcalled the flop before check/raising the turn into 2 players.

      Hope it helps.