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Some more questions...

    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      OK, just a few more questions...

      Currently I am playing $0.50/$1 SH

      I have been studying the ORC and other charts but there are a few gaps that I hope someone can fill in...

      1. How do we generally play as the BB against 1 caller and 1 raiser? Do we use the BB defence which is normally against 1 opp? or do we use the other charts which normally assume we are not the BB?

      2. What do we 3-bet against a single raiser? Do we go back to the original SHC?

      OK, as far as the rest of gameplay goes I'm still fumbling around with the rest, but managing OK...

      The next question I have is regarding the articles... I have read up to the silver articles... now I am wondering if I should let things set in and play x hands or move up to y limit before reading the gold articles, or should I just crack on and keep studying? The main reason I think I am confused is cos the first article is Starting Hands:expert theory... and I still have all charts pinned to my sleeve :P Anyone have any advice on that one?

      And on this one Darthbobo has already given me an answer, but just if anyone else has any advice I'll take it... when should I look to move from $0.50/$1 to $1/$2 given that I already have the roll for the higher limit, but I have only played 1000 hands of the lower one....

      Thanks to everyone who replies :f_cool:

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    • martizzo
      Joined: 10.06.2007 Posts: 957
      As soon as you have experience with variance, suckouts, bad beats, coolers and so on. Maybe 20-35k hands to gain all this stuff and also player modeling is important to read player type from stats and exploit them.
      Also gold coaching will help you moving up because they play >1/2 SH.
    • 8979687
      Joined: 11.11.2008 Posts: 2,225
      Heya Nick,

      I found that the FL QUIZZES is a good article in this forum to see where you are when it comes to absorbing the information.

      If you look on the top of this forum in the STICKY section, Waiboy has posted a list of quizzes...

      So far I have graduated the bronze and so I will be starting the Silver articles now.

      In that list of Waiboy's there is also a link to FL quizz summary page which has even more quizzes.

      So yeah, try using the quizzes to see how much of the knowledge in the articles you have internalized.

    • ciRith
      Joined: 25.03.2005 Posts: 18,556
      Hi NickParkes.

      1) No the BB defend chart has a lot hands in it which only play well against 1 opponent. There is no chart for this and as it's very complex there won't be any i the future I think.
      Because of that I can't tell you what to do as default. Please posts hnds about it or view videos or visit a coaching to get used to these situations.

      2) In the BB? Use the BB defend chart. :) Aginst non BB you can use the 3-bet vs. openraise chart.

      You can skip the expert theory and read it later if you are not comfortable with the basic preflop strategy. Most of the gold articles are pretty useful. Read them when you feel ready for it.

      You should move up as soon as you have the necessary BR and if you feel ready for it. :)