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    • milkonski
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      hello there

      im a new member and i really think thats a great forum
      so i made the quizz but i wrote down my account name wrong and you sended me ticket(i dont know what it is called) that you cant transfer my money cuz that account does not exist
      so i made this new account (milkonski) and i did everything again yesterday
      i really wanna know if i will get those money soon cuz i really loved the idea of this whole pokerstrategy thing about teaching us and giving us chance to try.

      tnx in advance
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi milkonski,

      Please contact support using the ticketing system and fully explain what happened and include both your PokerStrategy account names.

      It is against the rules to set up more than one PokerStrategy account so please do not set any more up, one will have to be deactivated. You are still able to contact support even from a deactivated or basic status account.

      Best regards,

    • milkonski
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      ok i explained what happened in the ticket
      tnx for your time again