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    • mud1tza
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      Hey there.

      I registered my partypoker account with the older ST150 offer a couple of months ago. I tried to take the quiz today but I got :

      "Before you can take part in our $150 Quiz Challenge (you need to have a PartyPoker account which was registered with our bonus codes (S150)). Insert it when creating your PartyPoker Account and also add all required Data."

      After reading some topics on here I found that my profile needs the required information, so I tried to add it, however, when I select "Save settings" it just kinda freezes and my profile does not get updated. My PartyPoker account is fine though.

      Also, is the older ST150 offer still valid? Or do I need a new PartyPoker account? I haven't played for real money yet, I haven't made a deposit, and I didnt use any other bonus offers.

      Help is much appreciated thanks!
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