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    • szury
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      1. Intro:
      Hi everybody. I'm szury. I like to play poker and I love pokerstrategy :)

      One of my affiliates passed the quiz and didn't get the 50$ :( (and in that new "stats" overviewbox I have only 1 member written as passed and in reality there are 2 members, from which one how didn't get the 50$). When will he get the 50$?

      Many of my affiliates are newbies and don't know how to register a PP acount and how to put it in their Pokerstrategy account.I would help them out. Many just register and don't do anything. I would like to get somehow in touch with them. Could you create a system to contact them? a Chat or give me their email adress or private message.

      Thank you!
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    • szury
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      pls somebody answer
      It is important :|
    • Stefan1000
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      Hi szury,

      Welcome here, sorry for the late answer.

      There are several reasons why he did not receive the $50.
      1) DId not register at the cashier
      2) Entered wrong Party Account
      3) got an id-check

      but at the moment the most likely one is that we had technical problems the last 3 days to transfer the money. The affiliate system from party is down.

      This is a legal problem that in general we are not allowed to give away their e-mail adress or something simular. But we are trying to find a solution so you can get in touch with them.

      Since you recruited quite a lot members don't hesitate to contact me at: for further questions

      Best regards,