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      hey everyone,
      actually i am part of the german community but i finally decided to start my blog here, so why?
      i am 21 years old, living in Germany (as already mentioned) and i'm looking forward to study International Marketing in Venlo
      Besides playing poker i basically need to improve my English somehow, so i guess it might be a good opportunity to manage it this way.
      so don't hesitate to correct me :D

      i will play only multi-table SnG's on stars starting with 10c (360players) + 25c (45,90 players) buy-in like 20-24 talbes simultaneously
      i figure to beat this limit with ease so hopefully I can move up within the next two weeks, i dont know.

      so what kind of bankrollmanagement would u advise me? 50 Buy-ins? 70? for the 1,20SNGS any suggestions? i guess 50 are definitely enough


      [ ] beat 10c + 25c multi-table SnG's ( yep , sounds ridiculous :D )
      [ ] ..
      [ ] short update every day ( graph , post some hands etc )
      [ ] maybe some content

      BR : 25$

      i will start tomorrow
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