Poker replayer pour text history

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      I put a message on the forum cause I've a problem to read a hand history file I've made myself with a copy/paste on a txt file. Do you know a player able to read this kind of file? The hand's are of this kind :

      Starting game 4729708334.

      lipalda86 is at seat 0 with $5.10.
      OnlineAce is at seat 1 with $5.
      MELQUIADES77 is at seat 2 with $23.30.
      fabOdaOne is at seat 3 with $4.60.
      Dambo666 is at seat 4 with $6.20.
      gadjo666 is at seat 5 with $11.15.
      henrirasta is at seat 6 with $40.93.
      bibi59450 is at seat 7 with $19.90.
      despo281 is at seat 8 with $25.
      Nwanda is at seat 9 with $14.75.

      The dealer is seat 4.

      gadjo666 posts a blind of $.15.
      henrirasta posts a blind of $.25.

      (Dambo666 is dealt Ac Qc.)

      bibi59450 folds.
      Nwanda folds.
      lipalda86 folds.
      OnlineAce folds.
      MELQUIADES77 folds.
      fabOdaOne folds.
      Dambo666 raises $.75.
      gadjo666 folds.
      henrirasta calls for $.75.

      The flop comes
      7h Ah 4s.

      henrirasta checks.
      Dambo666 bets $1.25.
      henrirasta folds.
      $1.25 is pushed back to Dambo666.

      Dambo666 mucks.
      Dambo666 wins pot ($2.05).
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