Hi all. I'm having a bit of difficulty implementing this article. I have been experimenting a little bit with the ideas but wondered what people thought on the following points.

My questions:
1) Do we make a standard 4BB + 1BB (for the limper) raise or should we make a 3BB + 1BB raise?

2) Should we ever attempt to isolate when there are multiple limpers?

3) If we are Isolating looser than the standard SSS chart then should we also open raise a little looser?
It seems counter-intuitive that I will raise over one limper but fold if there is no limper.

Edit: Just want to add a quick note to say that I'm having some great success with Isolations followed by cbets so far. I've found against certain passive players (high vpip, low pfr, low AF, high fold to cbet) I can make a nice boost to my winrate by isolating with almost any cards from late positions.