[NL2-NL10] SSS - NL10 AK flopped gutshot

    • random3
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      I played it like I flopped trash, so just normal cbet + fold on resistance.
      Now that I'm thinking, would gutshot outs + top pair outs combined justify this call? The pot odds were about 1 to 2.4 I believe.
      No reads or stats, as my Poker tracker db crashed.
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    • helgeman
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      tough to call ... especially on this limit. Fold is ok
    • iluya
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      ok. you have to call 1.4$ to get a pot of about 5$

      you have 4 Outs for your gutshot an about 3discounted outs for your overcards (maybe youre already beaten by two pair or straight. and your enemy can have straight draw or one pair with same overcard)

      so you have 7 outs. your odds are 2.6:1 to win on the river.

      your pot odds are 5$:1.4$=3.57 ---> PotOdds 1:2.57

      so on a week limit like nl10 with no reads the call is ok. mathematically its incorrect but i think you have in most cases more than 3 discounted overcard outs.