I Can't Beat NL10 :'(

    • Flintrino
      Joined: 24.08.2008 Posts: 45
      First 9.5K hands are NL2, finally got my balance to $60 so I move to NL10.

      Is this a downswing or can I not beat NL10 with the SSS?
      Does the gap between the blue line mean it is a downswing?

      PS. My last few hands I actually went up a little, yay!
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    • pondlife78
      Joined: 14.02.2009 Posts: 25
      That seems perfectly reasonable for only 3k hands. Play a few thousand more and you'll probably find you are winning.
      Although the first thousand or so NL10 hands do look like it took you a bit of time to adjust your EV line shows you lost a lot of flips so you can expect your luck to even out provided you don't tilt and change your play because of the loss.
      Good luck