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    • joeppiej
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      I just made an account on Partypoker en registered the way this site told me to do. But when i click on "Real Money Balance", it says i have to open a Real Money Account. Then, when i click on "OK", i return to the screen that i must have clicked away (this site says), the screen where you can make your first deposit or register an credit card. So if i understand right, i dont have to register any creditcard, dont make any deposit, dont have to sent my copie of my driver license or dont have to call? Further, i like this action very much.

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    • Stefan1000
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      Hi and welcome,

      i guess you saw this video.

      In most cases (depending on your country you come from) PartyPoker wants a proof for your ID.
      So it could be that you have to give your drivers license data(UK). But the site that follows where you have to choose a deposit form (creditcard, neteller ...) can be simply closed.

      Because we are doing the transfer for you with the first $50 you get from us.
      Your account will become a real money account automatically WHEN you fill out the form to register at the cashier (just enter your data but DON't choose a deposit form)

      So it sounds like you did everything right. But anyway in case you made a mistake our support team will contact you and inform you about that telling you which step is missing.

      But as i said before your account becomes a real money account once we transfered the money.

      Best regards,