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Ratatuj's Omaha videos feedback

    • Ratatuj
      Joined: 27.08.2007 Posts: 14,447
      Hi everyone, I'm coaching omaha in the Russian community. I play up to PLO100, 6 handed. Some guys could see me at Tribun's coachings and I was asked to record a video in English.

      So I tried to do that. I guess my first English vod will be published the following week. It will be PLO50 4 short tables, ipoker. I'm creating this thread for feedback cause I want to know your oppinios very much :s_love:

      If you're interested in Omaha feel free to ask questions here :s_cool:

      Have translated a small FAQ which I wrote for my blog. Hope, it'll be usefull. Will update it if you give me more questions.

      Q: Do you play Omaha Hi or HL?
      A: Mostly Omaha Hi Pot-Limit for now. I play Omaha 8 sometimes, tournaments usually.

      Q: Do you play only cash?
      A: Yep, cause can’t understand Omaha Hi tourneys.

      Q: What is your current limit?
      A: PLO100 mostly.

      Q: What Bankroll management do you prefer?
      A: I have 50+ stacks but I guess the more the better. 100 stacks are quite normal for a pro player. Surely you can have fewer stacks. I personally came to PLO50 with 17 stacks and to the PLO100 with 20. But I didn’t play much only, several hundred hands a day, so everything could be all right until I caught downswings. And I couldn’t overcome them for a long time as I lost a lot and had bad mood and so on. So if you want to pass through swings faster you should have a big BR just to keep playing normally.

      Q: What is harder to play Omaha or NL Holdem?
      A: HORSE )) It’s hard to say every poker play has its own features and spots to know. Omaha is difficult mostly because the value of the hand is not so evident for beginners, besides you have to speculate a lot what equity your hand has vs. a hand that you opponent probably has. And it can be a bit difficult because you usually have to deal not with a TPTK but with different kind of combos and even backdoors should be considered. Anyway even an ABC play may be very profitable.

      Q: What is more interesting?
      A: Sex I guess )

      Q: Is there a lot of fish?
      A: Actually, if you’re a good player, you’ll always find weaker opponents. Yes, there’s a lot of fish in Omaha too.

      Q: Is Rake big in Omaha?
      A: Yeah, we’ve compared rake per hand at PLO100 and NL100 at the same room. Omaha has MUCH more raked hands (well it’s quite evident, a lot of post flop action). At ipoker you pay smth like 6BB/100 at PLO100, smth like 7.5BB/100 at PLO50 and 10BB/100 at PLO20. So check out your rakeback % before starting Omaha )))

      Q: Do you play Full-ring or SH?
      A: I play SH. More action and you play in position more often.

      Q: What tables do you recommend for the beginners?
      A: I think it doesn’t matter much, really. I’d recommend play the limit you feel very free with your Bankroll size. I’d also recommend a lose-passive play, just limp everything and see all the flops so you could understand in practice that hands have playability. Then just make your range tighter till you begin a profitable play ) As for me, I started with 2 full-ring tables 1-2 cent game with VPIP 80+ )

      Q: Where can I know about Starting Hands Chart?
      A: I’m afraid it doesn’t exist ) but you can read my article, for example
      Choosing of starting hands in PLO Hi

      Q: Is that all?
      A: You can read PokerStrategy’s articles. Or I can recommend Pot-Limit Omaha The Big Play Strategy by Jeff Hwang. I like it a lot.

      Q: Where can I see videos?
      A: There are a lot of poker sites, and PS’s VODs are not bad I guess )

      Q: Do you record your videos?
      A: Yep. Made some for the Russian community.

      Q: Do you record analyses of PS’s users?
      A: Yes, but only cash games.

      Q: What software do you use?
      A: Holdem+Omaha Manager. Minimaxmod for changing the size of ipoker tables and for fast actions with the mouse.

      Q: Can’t understand how to use the stats in Omaha! There’re so much flops you never know when to Cbet and if your opponent hit or not!
      A: Playing with statistics is crucial especially if you play several tables and/or begin to steal a pots. Well, Omaha provides plenty opportunities for bluff, just force your opponent to guess what hand you have.

      Q: What stats do you use?
      A: VPIP-PFR. Hands-Net Won. 3bets and 4bets. ATS and fold SB and fold BB on steal. Flop-turn-river aggression. Cbet flop, Cbet turn. Fold/Call/Raise of Cbet. Donk bet and fold to donk bet.

      Q: What room suits for play better?
      A: Any you personally like more. Don’t forget of RB )

      Q: How can I get in touch with you?
      A: I seek you: Ten.25.thirteen.667, skype: northelf.
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