SHC (advanced)

    • Yoghurt1973
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      I'm using this advanced SHC, "First in - If everyone before you folded, you raise with these hands"

      What is the foundation of this chart. I mean what kind of game is this for.
      Or in other words: With how many people do you exspect to see the flop?
      Because if its looser than my games i might have to tighten up a bit.

      Thanks for any answeres,

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    • Waiboy
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      Hi Yoghurt1973

      The first in chart is based on TAG raising ranges.

      At micro/low limits it is all you need to use. It assumes your equity is good enough to open raise given the likely holdings of all players yet to act.

      I wouldn't worry about tightening up the raising ranges as you can expect to be way ahead of the ranges of loose players entering the pot after you.

      Good luck!