Can anyone from check for my leaks?

    • rudidso
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      Hey guys,
      Just wondering if anyone can check my stats and let me know of some of my leaks......what info do i need to send and what info would be reliable etc.....Thanks
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi rudidso and welcome to PokerStrategy,

      We have many members here who are more than willing to help check fellow players games in so called "sweat sessions". A second opinion from a fellow member is great to spot even the smallest of leaks in a game.
      We have numerous sweat sessions available, just visit the relevant forum to the variant you are playing, e.g. sss, bss, sngs etc. and look in the important sticky posts.

      Other aspects that can help include the free live coaching sessions where an experienced coach will explain the strategy being played, why they play certain hands and how to play them. These sessions can be extremely valuable in fine tuning your own game.

      You also have the option of posting any unsure sample hands in our many sample hands forums where other members will provide you with an opinion on how best to play in those given circumstances and an experienced coach will also provide you with the most effective way of extracting value.

      Hope this helps, best regards,