• MattCoz
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      Hi guys my names Matt (prolly gess that from my screen name :D ) been playing on the free 50$ now for i think 4 days for just a few hours a day, went down to 30$ in the first day of getting it so was not realy looking to good at that point so as of now on day 4 im up to 70$ from the 50 playing nl 1c/2c, so anyways im kinda new at this and was wondering if up 20$ in this time is kinda slow ? or is it normal to be moving up this slow ? would like to hear from some peope :)
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hey Matt,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy and the Forums!

      Its nice to see you have got your capital and are making good use of it :) Now you have bronze status please remember the many ways you can learn at PokerStrategy...

      -Strategy Articles provide the basic and key knowledge to aspects of your game.

      -Videos show all thats in the articles, put into practice in real life situations.

      -Coachings are a great way to improve your game. You can tune in, open and observe the coaches tables and ask him questions.

      So please remember that learning is the key to improving as a poker player.

      And i would your bankroll growth seems pretty normal! Your winning, and the most important thing ;) Swings are natural because this is a game where badbeats can happen.

      I wish you good luck, and enjoyment in your coming poker career!


    • MattCoz
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      way ahead of ya jack :) i almost read all the articles 3-4 times now and as for the videos well i always watch em while im playing :D looking forward to some new vids when i get to silver. Not tuned into a coaching session yet but i planned on doing so on sunday when were is one for my level :s_cool:

      Thanks for the reply anyways, Peace