Post flop strategy when defending big blind

    • Yoghurt1973
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      In the bronze strategy section there is a great big blind defence chart.
      My question is, how to play post flop?
      I understand that we shouldn't eloborate in the length of days but i would appreciate some guide lines.

      I post some of my own ideas and i hope you can give me a better advice.

      As i believe you should check/raise frequently in the big blind (HU) and i quess you should check raise late raisers more than ep raisers.
      After a check raise you donk bet no matter what on the turn.
      If you 3betted preflop you c-bet too (of course)

      When to check raise and when not?

      Axx flop - No (people like Ax hands)
      Flop containing two broadwaycards like : KTx or JTx or KQ etc - No
      Unless you hit the board. (when to c/r and when to bet or call?)

      For the rest check raise anything?!
      Execpt not when one suit is on the board and you don't have flushdraw
      and when there is a straight possible and you don't have that kind of draw either.

      When there is no betting on the flop, i would like to donk the turn no matter what.

      I also think you should be more agressive and value bet lighter then bronze strategy suggest.

      Thanks for input and advice.
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    • Waiboy
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      I dunno Yoghurt1973.. I prefer to protect my vulnerable hands, value bet when I think I'm ahead and play odds and outs with drawing hands.

      I don't think C/R every non A or two broadway flops makes any sense. Without doing any maths, and only applying the strategy we've been given, I'm almost certain automatic plays like this are -EV. What happens if villian calls your C/R? Do you bet any turn? Do you fold to any turn? The real answer is playing your hand, the board and your equity v villians hand range.

      If the villian has position and doesn't c-bet the flop it indicates they are likely weak, but flop textures will still dictate whether you can auto bet the turn.

      I'm sure those with more idea than I will give it to you a little more straight forwardly than I have, but I suggest you read the articles and apply the strategy as it is pretty comprehensive and works well when properly applied.

      Good luck! :f_biggrin:
    • ciRith
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      Hi Yoghurt1973,

      I like your thoughts but your plan is way too aggressive (as Waiboy already said too).
      The players like to calldown a lot so you won't make them fold often enough.

      Your plan would be good if you do this with made hands and draws for value and as a semibluff. (But then this is exactly our strategy. :) )
    • Yoghurt1973
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      Okay, i have been browsing and reading some articles. I will only c/r with made hands, overcards, pairs and draws (also insidestr. + overcard(s) and/or backdoorflushes).
      Thanks guys.