SSS adjustments

    • Nunki
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      I am both new to Party and playing cash games as a short-stack. I have the following questions:

      On the $10NL tables I see plenty of tight players and would like to know if there is any information with regards to adjusting the starting hands. eg. villain VP$IP 10, PFR 3 over 200 hands raises UTG. Muck JJ OTB?

      How does playing with a short-stack affect FE in blind stealing situations?
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    • Mugge88
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      In the silver section (i believe its there) you can find some information on SSS vs SSS player. Basicly you can use the same schemes vs standard TAG's = JJ is a fold vs a raise from EP. (~43% equity against an SSS players handrange).

      Regarding your other question the FE goes down some, since the opponent isn't risking his entire stack even if you got a decent hand. Because of this fact you shouldn't attempt to steal the blinds with "any-two" cards (unless ofcourse you get some reads on a weak-tight player in the blinds) - Just follow the advanced preflop SSS scheme from the bronze section and you should do just fine :)

    • howard182
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      Forget JJ, muck QQ against an UTG raise from an opponent with 3% pfr over a meaningful number of hands unless you have a more specific read (or you give yourself sufficient implied odds, which as a short stack you can't). Even if he doesn't adjust for position you're worse than a coinflip against his range. (JJ+,AK is a likely 3% range, which is probably tightened to QQ+,AK for early positions.)

      Playing with poker stove gets you the most accurate answers for specific types of villains, and over time you'll get a feel for the results and be able to make the judgements at the table.