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      Hi everyone, (sorry for my bad english, )

      My real name is Edgar and I'm a 20 year old math and physics student living in Metz, a town in north east of france (200k people). I like to play poker of course, programming, playing magic(i have MWS), and partying.

      Feel free to comment !

      About my poker life:

      Januar 2008: I started poker by playing for play money in full tilt poker. After some days, i wanted to earn real money without having to deposit, so i played the 2700 guys 100$ freeroll. After a lot of tries, i was ITM in one of these tourneys and was excited to play for 2 real dollars on one table. I lost these 2 dollars in nearly ten minutes on NL2. I didn't ever read poker articles, so i was a real fish.

      March 2008: Then i decided to search for another way of getting money on my account, so i found pokerstrategy, i succeeded to the test after two tries, and was happy to become my starting capital. I played too lot of tables at the same time while I was learning the strategy, and fastly lost my whole bankroll.

      May 2008: I didn't want to deposit, cause i didn't want to become addicted of poker. So i decided to forget poker for a while. I just played some freerolls, was paid some times but never came over 50$.

      March 2009: After a long period of time, I deposited 10$ on Full tilt, went broke in a week, after growing my bankroll to 50$ (i think bad BRM).

      May 2009: (first week) I was really desperated, but once i reconnected to fulltilt, i saw that cause of my 10$ deposit, i was allowed to play a 8000$ guaranteed freeroll. The first 50 places gained 50$, and they were only 200 entrants. I started the tourney at 8pm, and decided to play just this tourney and no other freeroll at the same time. At the beginning of the tourney i just wanted to survive as long as possible to get 50$. When just 50 people were remaining, i decided to get paid at least 100$ (first 9 places). I succeeded in this and i was first on the final table, with twice the number of chips than the second ( thanks to the suckout where i had KK and my opponent AA). The tourney ended at 3:30am, and i was the winner of 1600$. It was unbelievable that i won this tourney. I didn't wanted to lose all this money, so i went sleeping to play with a little of this money the next day.

      May 2009: (second week) I started at NL25 in BSS, read and reread the articles. I made 200$ the next week. But then all crushed, after some bad beat and a lot of errors I made, my bankroll was at nearly 1000$, and i thank that i had 1600$ two weeks before.

      May 2009: (third week)So i decided to gain the 600$ back. I wanted to do short stack strategy at NL600 (lol what an idea with a 1000$ bankroll) so with 120$. They was a big fish at the table, and i decided to double up and go. But they was this f***ing auto rebuy and i was forced to play with 600$, i couldn't take back the 480$ or i had to leave the table. The fish was big stacked also (600$). After a lot of folded hands, i raised to 18$ with ATs. The fish who was reraising a lot of hand, reraised to 54$. I was in HU against him, and the flop was T42 and gave me a flush draw. He betted to 60$, and i decided to raise to 150$, and he called. On the turn, a 9 who didn't helped my flush draw made him bet to 200$. With 200$ of my money in the pot, i didn't want to fold, and i pushed all in. He had QT and hitted his Q on the river, making me losing about 600$, making my bankroll crush to 400$. After some days, i was bankrupt again, losing 1600$ in less than a month.

      June 2009:As i went down to 50$, i thank that everything wasn't lost, and decided to read the SSS strategy again. I watched a lot of videos, went to some coachings, and read all the articles. Since then i think i'm a winning player. I reached the 100$ in a couple of days, and made another 100$ in less than a week, just by playing SSS in NL2, than NL5, than NL10, following a good BRM. When i reached the 200$ line, i decided that i was now able to play some MTT (max 180 players), cause the players who played this kind of tourney were really bad for the majority. I did good results, twice i ended first and earned 400$ in some days.

      July 2009: (first two weeks)With my 600$ bankroll i wanted to do some bigger tourneys (1000 and more entrants). I played every evening 6 tourneys of less than 10$ buyin. One day i finished 6th out of 4347 of a 5$ buyin tourney and earned 652$, making my bankroll go to more than 1200$.

      July 2009: (last two weeks) I was bored of SSS and BSS, so i played a lot of HU cash game (minimum is NL50) with 100BB. The variance of Heads up poker made my bankroll crush under the 1000$ mark, and it crushed down up to 650$, after a semi tilt when i decided to play a NL100 heads up with 100 BB. After this i had a good run on Heads up, and my bankroll was over 1000$ again. Since then i lost a lot playing Heads up again, this lost isn't on the graphs cause pokerstars wasn't saving the file history cause of an update.

      August 2009
      Today my bankroll is at 705$, i Stopped defenitly playing HU Cash game cause i'm not skilled enough yet to play it and cause i don't have the required bankroll for playing it safely.

      Plans and goals:

      Short termed plans:
      Plan1: For the future, i decided to play MTT of 90 players or less with less than 1% of my bankroll, this mean, from 2$ to 5$ MTT. I gonna play maximum with 100$ at the same time, so maximum 20 tabling. This way i hope to come over the 1000$ mark before the 20th of August, playing 2 sessions per day, so 20*2*15=600 MTT. I started this plan today with 676$, so i need 324$ more. I gained today 37$, so my progress is of 13%

      Plan2: I want to buy on the pokerstars shop the 10k FPP composite poker chip so that i can play poker against friends with a good poker chip set. I already have 4900 FPPs, so i need 5100FPPs more to buy this item. I hope to reach the 10000FPP mark before November 1st. I gained 200 FPPs since August 1st, so my progress is of 4%

      Long termed plans:
      I wanna reach the 5000$ mark by January 1st of 2011, by playing BSS FR and Multi table SNG, with a strict bankroll management of 100BI (in Cash game as in SNG), playing max 20 tables at the same time.

      Stats of my hands

      I use Holdem Manager to see how I progress over the time.
      I currently have 47k hands of Cash game, with an average win of 7.1BB/100 on lot of different stakes (from Nl2 to nL100), and 40k hands of tourneys (SNG+MTT) with a win of 6.2BB/100

      My graphs:

      Cash game:

      Total earning ($)

      Total earning (BB)


      Total earning ($)

      Here all my graphs in a single gallery:

      udpated 06.08.09
      My current bankroll: 700$
      My current VIP status(pokerstars): goldstar
      My current number of FPP: 5258
      VPP this month: 293
      Progress of current Plan1: 12% *coming from 676 to 1000$)
      Progress of current Plan2: 5% getting 5000 FPPs more (currently 213)

      Feel free to comment !
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    • edi9999
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      I'm starting a Session of 24 tourneys of buyin between 1.10$ and 4.40$ with max 90 players. I'm gonna buy in in these tourneys until i have only 600$.
      See you later for the results
    • edi9999
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      So the results of this session:

      I played 24 tourneys in 3 hours,made a net profit of 3$, and the total rake of the tourneys reaches 6$, so i won 100 FPP.
      My ITM are:

      4th/18, +5.4$
      2nd/18, +16.2$
      2nd/18, +16.2$
      11th/90, +2.2$
      3rd/27, +14.4$
      3rd/27, +14.4$
      8th/90, +6.48$
      sum: +75.48$
      my buy in sum is of 72$, so i have a ROI of 4%.

      What i learned from this session is that i have to play tourneys with 45 players or less, cause the 90 players tourneys are really too long (min 2 hours).
      I must concentrate more cause with so much tables, i often do misclicks which cost me lot of dollars(fold AA for example, happened once and once QQ, i limp hands like J5 sometime cause of the misclicks)

      Comments or ideas are welcome !
    • edi9999
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      Hi everybody !

      Yesterday i played some cash game (1000 hands) in NL25 BSS and was down 1 Buy in, so my bankroll was by 674$.

      Today i played again the same limit, was running good, i won one buy in, until this hand came:

      Hand converted with online PokerStrategy.com hand converter:

      Play hand

      $0.1/$0.25 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)

      Known players:

      Preflop: Hero is BU with K, K.
      MP2 raises to $0.75, 2 folds, Hero raises to $2.25, 2 folds, MP2 calls $1.50.

      Flop: ($4.85) 7, 4, 2 (2 players)
      MP2 checks, Hero bets $3.50, MP2 raises to $8.00, Hero raises to $36.85(All-In), MP2 calls $14.75(All-In).

      Turn: ($67.95) 8 (2 players)

      River: ($67.95) 4 (2 players)

      Final Pot: $67.95.
      Results follow:

      MP2 shows two pairs, aces and fours(A A).
      Hero shows two pairs, kings and fours(K K).

      MP2 wins with two pairs, aces and fours(A A).

      Vilain was playing 17.5/15.1/166

      Was my play good ?

      Feel free to comment !