Downswing/Bad play dilema with FL flavour

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      Hello. After my decent-sized downswing of about 15 buyins at NL 4c, i switched to FL because i felt it was easier to detect possible leaks and overall play better. Surprise, after about two weeks of FL 50c i just wasted 100BB. I don't play to the charts here (i don't like the beginer ones because you play way to tight while the fish cold calls raises with A2o without hesitation or you get tables with a lot of folding, and the "extended" ones feel to complicate at least for now.) I use what Skalansky's "Small Stakes Holdem" recomandations (they are similar, but in this guys version you do a little more limping).

      Anyway, thing is i don't feel i make big mistakes. Actually i fail to see any of them. Maybe the only thing that i do bad is calling on the river. If i get 1:10 on a call or even 1:15 (but maybe even as "low" as 1:7-1:8) and the board looks ugly or my opponent is pretty convincing representing a better hand i generally call with top pair-good kicker/overpair. For example i would call a bet on the river from a loose passive with 4 to a flush on the board if i have like 2 pair and i get more than 1:10. (it's a little less then 25% that he's got the flush and he might valuebet an already made hand at least one in 10 times)

      Ok, besides that i see nothing wrong. And i just can't get cards (right in this moment i got aces, i'm such a liar) and if i do i rarely hit. It happenes rather often that at a table i have nothing to play after 50 hands. If i conti-bet i get called. If i have a draw i rarely make it. And the story goes on and on...

      So is it possible without crappy play or I am doing something wrong? I decided to keep playing anyway, there's 0% chance i can't beat FL 4c :f_biggrin: if i hit the bottom.
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      there's nothing wrong with calling in the example you mentioned

      it's easily possible that you're running bad, but you're also probably making mistakes (we all do afterall)
      losing 100BBs doesn't necessarily mean that you're making huge mistakes (i'm down about 80 bets only today, i basically never made a hand that held up)

      i find it is usually better to focus on how you played each individual hand (review & post hands)