Any arguments for playing PL Holdem tables?

    • nafar84
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      On FTP I've noticed that many PL tables tend to have a higher average pot size than NL. Are there more fish in PL tables from your experience? And why do people actually bother to play PL instead of NL?

      Now that I think of it, my style is actually more PL than NL, as I rarely ever overbet and even when I openraise or isolate preflop I just hit the pot button instead of 4x BB + limpers. Should I, then, start playing PL?
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    • PetterG2
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      IMO there is almost no difference between pot limit and no limit unless you like to overbet every now and then. I think PL can be very profitable because a lot of people just press the pot button instead of typing in like 2/3 of the pot or something like that. I addition it's probably next to none regulars at PL. Especally on the lower limits. Most of them are probably hobby-players that are just testing different kinds of poker. This is at least my experience.